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Special Alert Health & Safety 2015



The new health and safety legislation has passed and we all need to start planning.

Your business needs to be compliant by 4 April 2016, when the new Health and Safety at Work Act takes effect, replacing the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.

A lot of information is still to come on how the Act will operate. Regulations will be released to clarify how it will work for different industries. Work Safe New Zealand will provide guidelines to businesses and workers.

MWB Spring 2015 Newsletter


Health and safety

The Health and Safety Reform Bill, which started its slow progress last year, took another step forward in late July with its second reading in Parliament.

Employment standards

The Employment Standards Legislation Bill has been introduced to parliament, proposing changes to strengthen enforcement of employment standards. This will introduce tougher sanctions for breaches and greater accountability for people and entities associated with the employer — such as directors, senior managers, legal advisors — if they are knowingly involved when an employer breaks the law.

Double tax agreement with US

Are you a US citizen living in New Zealand? If so, your income is subject to both USA and New Zealand income tax requirements.

ACC CoverPlus Extra – are your levies overdue?

This year ACC has cancelled unpaid CoverPlus Extra policies that were overdue. In July they had cancelled about 2,600 policies and expected to cancel the remaining 1,600 policies with unpaid CoverPlus Extra invoices in August.

MWB Ltd Autumn 2015 Newsletter


Employment law changes

The government has made some major employment relations changes, effective from 6 March 2015. Changes target flexible working arrangements, rest and meal breaks, continuity of employment for vulnerable employees upon restructuring, the good faith provisions, collective bargaining, and how the Employment Relations Authority gives its determinations.

2015 Client questionnaires


2015 client questionnaires are loaded on our website under the resources, please download the questionnaire(s) that is relevant to your business. Once completed, please forward with your records to our office. Please ensure all parties sign the relevant questionnaire(s). 

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