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Every business has a life cycle and we're here to help you through each of these key stages.

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We pinpoint where you are today, what you need to action tomorrow and where you’re heading in the future.

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Our team of specialists are here everyday, giving you the advice you need to make the right decisions for your business.

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MWB Special Alert Budget

by MWB


Opinions have been - predictably - divided on Budget 2014 though everyone seems chuffed it's not the Australian budget. Essentially we're paying off some debts, doing some housekeeping, and putting by a little something for the future. If we're good, there might be treats afterwards.

MWB Winter 2014 Newsletter

by MWB


Risk and Reward - Anyone who has been hit hard by Inland Revenue (IRD) late payment penalties and use of money interest (UOMI) for unpaid or underpaid tax knows how crippling this can be.

MWB Special Alert Livestock 2014

by MWB


Livestock Heard Scheme 2014 – The IRD have recently announced this year’s livestock Herd Scheme Values and we think this is a great opportunity to update you on the latest movements. The Herd Scheme Values are the National Average Market Values as determined by a process involving a review of the livestock market as at 30 April.

April Changes Special Alert 2014

by MWB


Workers and employers will pay $387 million less in ACC levies in 2014/15. This affects the Earners Account (paid by workers) and the Work Account (paid by employers). The ACC earner levy rate decreases from 1.70% to 1.45% (inc GST).

MWB Winter 2013 Newsletter

by MWB


Encouraging employers to employ youth

The government has introduced a new initiative aimed at encouraging employers to recruit young New Zealanders, especially those who have been on a benefit. It allows the lower minimum wage rate – 80% of the adult minimum – to apply to a wider range of people. The new scheme came into effect on 1 May 2013.

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