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Every business has a life cycle and we're here to help you through each of these key stages.

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April Changes Special Alert 2014

by MWB


Workers and employers will pay $387 million less in ACC levies in 2014/15. This affects the Earners Account (paid by workers) and the Work Account (paid by employers). The ACC earner levy rate decreases from 1.70% to 1.45% (inc GST).

MWB Winter 2013 Newsletter

by MWB


Encouraging employers to employ youth

The government has introduced a new initiative aimed at encouraging employers to recruit young New Zealanders, especially those who have been on a benefit. It allows the lower minimum wage rate – 80% of the adult minimum – to apply to a wider range of people. The new scheme came into effect on 1 May 2013.

MWB Summer 2013 Newsletter

by MWB


Mixed Use Assets - taking note

If you own a holiday home and rent this out commercially, there are new rules around how tax deductions are calculated. In order to accurately work out what these will be, there are some crucial points that we will require from you. You will still need to keep your normal records for income and expenses, but as well as that you will need to start recording the following information…

Business Forward Issue 65

by MWB


Customer experience: what’s your first impression?

First impressions are powerful. They can lead to strong relationships with customers who keep coming back. The position people think your business is great and make them want to be proved right.

Six of the best ways to increase productivity

Do you often wonder why successful people seem to have so much spare time? Enough time to exercise, share holidays with family and yet, to still be completely relaxed and stress free? Those people probably have the balancing act right and are efficient at managing time.

MWB Autumn 2014 Newsletter

by MWB


Superannuation: decisions, decisions

If you have (or had) funds in foreign superannuation schemes, let us know. Recent changes to legislation and further impending changes may affect you. I transferred my Australian super to KiwiSaver. Is it taxed here? I withdrew (or transferred) funds from my foreign super last year. What are the tax implications in New Zealand?

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